Local Artists

Glassblowing is not only an ancient art form; this unique medium has transformed from factory functionality objects to one of a kind sculptures, light fixtures and wall art. Jeff and Heather Thompson’s Bend workshop functions in the tradition of the “studio glass movement” that emerged in the 60s. Using three primary furnaces: the crucible, glory and kiln along with a…


If this year finds you coloring within the lines of your creative life, there are a multitude of ways to break out in a rainbow of expression. Studies of health have linked education to living longer, and by extension, the engagement and fulfillment we get when trying new things helps keep the brain limber. In his formative work, Flow: The…

The Art That Inspires Us

February is our month of art—making, collecting, admiring and learning. We love art because it gives us a glimpse of someone’s heart, the part of them we don’t see on the surface. We are all drawn to art in different ways. We like to look at and listen to art that makes us feel something, … Continued

February 2020 Around Town

Virtual Home Inventory Launches New Service for Homeowners Virtual Home Inventory (VHI) recently launched a new service to help homeowners recover from catastrophe by creating a visual record of their home and all possessions. Losing a home to a fire, storm, or any disaster is devastating financially and emotionally. When making an insurance claim, complete … Continued

Second Annual Flannel & Frost Fundraiser

Boys & Girls Clubs of Bend hosted their Second Annual Flannel and Frost Fundraiser December 6 in the Club's gymnasium which they transformed into a snow-themed wonderland. The evening included live and silent auctions, dinner, drinks and a celebration of all things winter. The event raised a record $100,000 to support local youth programs. PHOTOGRAPHY BY … Continued

Oregon’s Gift to Culture

Oregon offers one of the nation’s most unique tax credits, but while it’s one of the most effective forms of engagement in arts and culture in the state, still many people don’t know about it. Oregon’s Cultural Tax Credit both reduces what an income-tax paying Oregonian owes to the state, while also supporting both arts and culture activities stretching from…

The Art of Skiing

Small villages off the beaten track dot Northern Norway’s Lofoten Islands while locals and tourists alike fish the surrounding fjords. The unmatched beauty draws travelers from across the world, but Sage Cattabriga-Alosa is there to tame the countless snowcapped peaks that tower above restored fishing cabins along the Norwegian Sea.