The Art of Richard Cork

Richard Cork, 85, can muse for hours over coffee and converse on all matters, from politics to marriage, war, music, language, and art. Richard is a fine artist with a successful career as a graphic designer and training from San Diego State University. He has spent his life working across the creative spectrum—photography, oil painting, illuminated sculpture, and printmaking join…

Biking Bend

Made up of part adventure mecca, part craft beer explosion, and part arts community, Bend is a community with an envious lifestyle that is no longer a secret. Take the lead from local nonprofits Commute Options and the Central Oregon Trails Alliance: Grab your helmet, hop on your bike and experience Bend’s offerings on a sunny day.

Four Eco-Friendly Floors

When considering eco-friendly flooring for home or office spaces, there are several smart and sustainable choices which never sacrifice durability, quality or style. Eco-friendly or “green” flooring encompasses a wide variety of materials and pertains to anything from natural fiber carpets, to tiles made from true recycled materials or reclaimed wood from sustainably harvested resources, such as orchards of low-producing fruit trees…

To Earth, with Love

This month at Bend Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April 22. Inspired by the infinite beauty of the earth—and our desire to preserve and protect it—we compiled an array of features about eco-conscious people and ideas to inspire you. Throughout this issue, you’ll find simple ways to … Continued

April 2019 Around Town

Elev8 Mortgage Opened by Local Professional Team Local mortgage professionals Dan Williams and Hedley Zeller have opened Elev8 Mortgage in Central Oregon. With Williams as president, and Zeller, the company was created to offer a simple and streamlined mortgage experience for home purchase or refinance needs. By expanding on the mortgage broker definition to be a … Continued

Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show

The 9th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show, held January 25 at Midtown Ballroom, featured creative designs by transforming trash into runway fashion. The event raised more than $30,000 as a fundraiser for Realms Middle School and Realms High School. PHOTOGRAPHY SHE PHOTOGRAPHY, A SUZETTE HIBBLE EXPERIENCE

Going Green

Living Sustainably in Style Article Nicolette Martin Did you know that in 2016, world plastic production totaled around 335 million metric tons, according to the Earth Day Network? Although you probably can’t singlehandedly change the environmental toll of the amount of plastic pollution that comes from that kind of number, we’ve rounded up a few … Continued

Diving/ with Purpose

When it comes to seeing the world as a playground, videographer, storyteller, and media personality Jared Leisek’s field of vision is larger than most. As a self-professed, “Scuba-diving treasure hunter with a purpose,” his exploration starts below the water’s surface and with 70 percent of the earth covered by water, it’s no wonder he sees vast potential. For Leisek, diving…

HOME: An (Un)Obtainable Goal

“Mom, we’re not going to be homeless, are we?” These words were unheard of in my youth. Not just because my parents managed to keep us securely housed, but also because it just didn’t come up as a possibility in normal conversation.Today it is a real fear for many families. The need for affordable housing is outpacing our community’s ability to…