September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Fall! As we lament over summer slipping away, the crisp fall air always energizes me with everything fall brings. September means the flurry of back to school—including the start of fall sports—with shorter days and a faster pace.

4 Peaks Music Festival

Thousands of music-lovers flocked to Southeast Bend’s Stevenson Ranch June 15-18 for the 10th Anniversary 4 Peaks Music Festival.
 Photography Gary Calicott

Oregon High Desert Classics

Top riders from the Western United States and Canada competed in the premier AA hunter/jumper competition July 18 - 30. Proceeds support five youth serving agencies parented by J Bar J Youth Services. Photography Barbara Dudley

September 2017 Around Town

The Education Foundation for Bend–La Pine Schools awarded over $54,000 in classroom grants to District schools and $40,000 in needs-based activity fee scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year. The innovative classroom grants included 19 STEM programs, several art and music projects, as well as other Life Skills and miscellaneous requests.

September 2017 Our Contributors

Retired from public service, Steve Giardini now claims to be a professional landscape, travel, and lifestyle photographer extraordinaire. Armed with little more than a camera, wishful thinking and stack of business cards, Steve launched his second career in 2013. Truth be told the business was actually just an excuse to hike state and national parks, kayak mountain lakes and backcountry…

Wines by the Glass

There are tens of thousands of different wines produced across the world. Almost every country produces wine, and each state—including Alaska— in the United States has a winery. For the seasoned wine sipper, the task of trying as many wines as possible in a lifetime is exciting. However, for those without tasting opportunities, the mission to educate oneself about wine…

Wine + Food Pairings

Wine drinkers face a constant barrage of rules regarding their enjoyment of wine with food. “Thou shalt not eat fish with Cabernet Sauvignon,” is oftentimes considered a guiding principle when pairing wine with food. Drinking Riesling with a marbled steak is punishable by death-through-mockery in many circles.

Organic All American Apple Pie

Place flour in a food processor with cutting metal blade, add butter and shortening, slowly pulse your processor to cut up butter and shortening. Add two tablespoon of water at a time and pulse a few more times. After four tablespoons of water, check to see if the flour holds together. The dough should look crumbly if it does not…

Playground Adventure of an Affirming Nature

Blake Greco made the steep, dusty climb up the hill and across the wooden platform. Standing at the edge looking down at the crowd far below—fully harnessed, helmeted and safety-checked—he took a deep breath and made that brave first step. There’s truly no going back once you begin flying on a zip line. He soared above the junipers and over…

Bicycle Touring

I am a cyclist. That very fact has been ingrained in my soul since I first put my six-year-old feet to the pedals of my Schwinn Scrambler and darted off to school. It became all but solidified when my parents first took me to the BMX track. When I was 14-years-old, a cycling group rode past the park just as…