As the first signs of Autumn begin to appear with crisper air and changing colors, we have one more holiday weekend to soak up our favorite summer activities—get out and enjoy it!

Bend Lifestyle Launch Party

Bend Lifestyle hosted its Launch Party at The Capitol in Downtown Bend on June 28. Special thanks to all who attended to help us celebrate! Photography Gary Calicott

Friends of Hospice

In 1979, Friends of Hospice formed in Central Oregon as an all-volunteer patient care organization. It was the first hospice in Oregon to begin seeing patients. Over the past 37 years, it evolved into what is now Partners In Care.

Around Town

Rescue Collective, which began in 2006 as a small consignment store offering premium women’s and men’s clothing, has grown over the last 10 years to become one of Bend’s premier purveyors of locally made goods. In July, Rescue opened a new chapter in their story. Renamed Cosa Cura, which loosely translates to “Things Curated,” the store now offers furniture and…

Bend’s Outstanding Teen Athletes

Each year, thousands of Central Oregon teenagers attend school, play sports, and work part time jobs. Some tackle gigantic work loads that make “walking barefoot, uphill both ways in the snow to school” seem like a picnic. Others altruistically volunteer at non-profits, while seeking to make the world a better place. Still others focus on a singular passion as they…

More Than Just Books

I have always been a fan of libraries. The public library was where the junior high version of myself went to read dark, macabre stories about murder and torrid love affairs, at a time when most of my peers were reading Judy Blume novels.

Get Kids in the Game – For Good

The local non-profit’s “Pass Program” provides up to $50 in registration fees, up to four times each year, to any Central Oregon child 18 and under. The only criteria are that the funded activity be one in which there will be regular, supervised movement and the student must get a letter of recommendation from a non-relative.

From Washed Up to Hollywood Starlet

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But, in the case of Bend-based Beautiful Wrecks, owners Lisa and KC Flynn resurrect beauty in motorhomes, trailers and camper vans from past-their-prime to full glory. The result is stunning, highly-personalized recreation vehicles causing anyone to be star struck.

Youth Rugby

Most people wouldn’t automatically pair ladies with rugby. However, women in Central Oregon are quickly taking to the sport—which dates back to 1823—and eagerly working to share the fun with the younger generation.

Oregon High Desert Classics

Top riders from the Western United States and Canada competed in the premier AA hunter/jumper competition July 19-31. 
Proceeds from the event support five youth-serving agencies parented by J Bar J Youth Services. Photography Barbara Dudley