Mad About Plaid

In keeping with the trend of everything old being new again, plaids from the grunge-era 90s have returned with simultaneous interpretations of everything from preppy, to lumberjack or punk. While traditionally the term plaid, derived from the Gaelic word for blanket (“plaide”), was reserved for a specific type of garment worn in the hard winters of Scotland, today plaid refers…

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Timeless Beauty

With just a few products and a few minutes, these quick makeup routines add a little something extra when you don’t have time to spare Makeup brush 101 Your guide to must-have makeup brushes   01 | ANGLED CONTOUR Use this to apply blush, bronzer or highlighter. The angled cut flawlessly defines and highlights your features. … Continued

Four Eco-Friendly Floors

When considering eco-friendly flooring for home or office spaces, there are several smart and sustainable choices which never sacrifice durability, quality or style. Eco-friendly or “green” flooring encompasses a wide variety of materials and pertains to anything from natural fiber carpets, to tiles made from true recycled materials or reclaimed wood from sustainably harvested resources, such as orchards of low-producing fruit trees…

January 2018 Trend Setter

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Stay On Track

Each year, innovative companies—from startups to established—come up with new products aimed at getting us outdoors and enjoying it more while we’re there. Sometimes it feels like they are simply eliminating our exercising excuses. Need help with your ski boots? Need a new pack? Want a new camp stove? Don’t like the weight of snowshoes? Try these new products and…