LIFTING LIMITS: Develop Conscious Habits Using the Subconscious Mind

Cynthia Crossman has always thrived on helping others achieve a better quality of life, and spent many years teaching yoga meditation. When she moved to Bend in 2015, Cynthia found a new calling as a hypnotherapist. “I saw the need for this in our community,” she says, “and it’s an exciting, innovative field.”  She trained with a hypnotherapist in Portland…

Mother and Daughter: Livin’ Bend

Bend, Oregon is the kind of place people love so much they get creative to stay here.  Similarly, others create businesses out of their passion for the adventurous lifestyle that Bend affords them. Two years ago, Julie Burket and her oldest daughter Skye, 22, were returning from a trip. As they approached their hometown of nearly three decades, Julie exclaimed,…

Concierge Medicine Makes Medicine Personal

While the majority of Americans utilize mainstream healthcare, a different approach to health and wellness exists across the country and right here in Bend: concierge medicine. Concierge medicine is a personalized approach to medical care. But just how individualized is it?

The Center’s Senior Day at The High Desert Museum

The Center's Senior Day at the High Desert Museum   The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research hosted Senior Day at the High Desert Museum October 18 by offering free admission to those 65 and older. The day included programs, animal encounters, tours, and information on programs offered by The Center all year. PHOTOGRAPHY KARI MAUSER AND CHERYL … Continued

Leela Into the Fold

 Article Julie E. Furnas | Photography Cheryl Parton  Most artists discover and hone individual talents at a young age. Leela Morimoto, owner and chief artist for LeeMo Designs, is no exception. Her talent of folding paper started at three years old when her mother needed something to keep her daughter'sfidgety fingers occupied. Once she started, she couldn’t stop—folding anything and…

Who Am I?

 Article and Photography  Phil Anderson defies singular definition: attorney, family man, traveler, child advocate.  “Growing up, my brothers and I would play outside all day, building obstacle courses, making