Five, Four, Three, Two, One!

As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace. January is a time to cleanse, to start … Continued

Happy Holidays

Having just wrapped up Bend Lifestyle’s final issue of 2019, I realized once more how our fast pace makes it hard to slow down and really be in the present. The deadline-driven nature of the publishing industry has us always looking toward the future. Because we’re in production and planning story ideas months in advance, … Continued


As I began to reflect on all the things in my life that I’m grateful for, I realized there was not enough space here to include them all! So, my short list starts with my beautiful family, without whom I could not manage without their love and support and extends to our so-loved horses and … Continued

Cheers to Fall!

We hope you have an appetite when you begin to read this, our Food & Wine issue! After all, food is not only nourishing and delicious, but it also brings people together—whether for a special anniversary dinner, a much-needed lunch break with coworkers, a friend’s birthday party or even a casual weeknight meal with family. … Continued

A Local Lens for Fashion

In our magazine world, the September issue is the most anticipated arrival of the year. It’s a first look at this season’s fashion trends and predictions for the upcoming year. It’s an issue fashionistas can’t wait to get their hands on. So it is with much excitement that we present you with our own localized … Continued

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer bring to mind lazy, relaxing times with friends and family but also are a bittersweet turning point for many of us. Summer freedom is drawing to a close, and the start of school is just around the corner. While the days of floating the Deschutes may be numbered, this month … Continued

Cheers to Summer!

With our long-awaited summer in full swing, it seems there’s not enough time for all the high desert adventures we want to pack in. On a typical morning drive in Bend, you’ll notice the cars loaded with paddle boards, kayaks or bikes, or towing a boat as people set out for fun. Whether it’s floating … Continued

Here Comes Summer

In this issue, we celebrate the special men in our lives. Here’s to our husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and friends! Of course, there’s Father’s Day on June 16, but there are so many more reasons why it’s great to be a guy this month. With the summer season underway, our long, sunny days can be filled … Continued

Celebrate May Days

May brings the celebration of Mother’s Day and as I write this I’m grateful for being a mom! This month reminds us of the women in our lives—our mothers, daughters, sisters and friends. Where would we be without them? With this issue, we’ve taken it a step further to celebrate local women who inspire us. … Continued

To Earth, with Love

This month at Bend Lifestyle, we bring you our Eco issue in honor of Earth Day on April 22. Inspired by the infinite beauty of the earth—and our desire to preserve and protect it—we compiled an array of features about eco-conscious people and ideas to inspire you. Throughout this issue, you’ll find simple ways to … Continued

Welcome Home

“Home is where the heart is.”  This common phrase is a reminder that our homes are a central place in our lives—where we rest our heads, nourish our bodies and create fond memories with loved ones. It’s the epicenter of our world, where we start and end each day, and where we keep our most … Continued

Drumroll, Please . . .

During these past few months, the Bend Lifestyle team has been busy working on our second annual Readers’ Choice Awards. Once again, we had an amazing response from our readers! Every contender on the ballot was nominated by the community and during the voting round, with many tight races, you, our readers, determined the winners. … Continued

Bring on the New Year

January marks the beginning of not only a new calendar year but also the opportunity for setting personal goals. Perhaps you’ve resolved to get up to the mountain more this winter (definitely on my list!), exercise more regularly, or volunteer in the community. Whatever your goals may be, we hope the people, places, recipes and … Continued

Take Time for the Holidays

As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And time sure has flown by this year as we can’t believe we’ve put together the final issue of Bend Lifestyle in 2018! It seems like just yesterday we were sitting down to write our January letter to all of you—talking about resolutions and renewal—and … Continued


Recently I decided to try to take time out every day to reflect on the things that I’m grateful for, particularly the things that happened on that given day. When I remember to take a moment for reflection, I’m overwhelmed with all the blessings in my life and it makes it easier for me to … Continued

Food Creates Memories

It’s interesting how favorite foods can bring back happy memories and become family traditions. On a recent vacation to Michigan, we had a long-awaited family get together with more than 50 of us. The spread of home-cooked food did not disappoint—with many well-loved Polish recipes handed down from my mom and as always, including at … Continued

The Style Issue

While growing up, I remember the way that we dressed in school was all about conformity. All the pre-teen and teen insecurities made us feel more comfortable to make sure we wore the “cool” jeans, the “in” shoes and the latest styles to fit in. I was so relieved to enter adulthood and begin to … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

These are the Dog Days of Summer Early this morning I walked outside to care for our horses and once again felt a wave of gratitude to be able to start my day this way. And when I can close the day by spending relaxing time with them in the evenings, it’s been a good … Continued

Guide to Summer

It’s Summer! There’s no mistaking it—summer life in Bend is in full swing. Just look around: Our roads are filled with vehicles pulling boats, water toys and campers and they’re loaded with bikes, tents and camping gear. Our rivers and lakes have warmed up enough for lazy afternoon floats and fun on SUPs and kayaks. … Continued

The Men’s Issue

Hello, Summer!   June celebrates the start of summer and also Father’s Day. We honor that by making this our Men’s Issue. Here’s to all of the special men in our lives–husbands, fathers, brothers, sons and friends.   Like last month, this issue includes a “Faces of the Community” feature, this time spotlighting five local … Continued

Lifestyle Letter

The Women’s Issue   While working on this Women’s Issue, I reflected on how grateful I am for all the women in my life—my daughter, my sisters, my friends, and my female family members. The photo shown here was taken at a very sad time, but the strength of family got us through and brought smiles … Continued

April 2018 Lifestyle Letter

 Meet the Makers  Ahh, art! The following pages introduce you to talented local artists making their mark here in Bend. A father-son duo uses a traditional glass-making technique to create one-of-a-kind blown glass to beautifully adorn your home. A sculptor, inspired by a child’s serious medical condition, creates a sculpture as a tribute to her and her family. A talented chef…

March 2018 Lifestyle Letter

 Home Creative Home  Welcome to our Home issue!  The following pages invite you to explore new ideas to truly make your home your sanctuary. In our “Creative Spaces” feature, we give you a look inside one-of-a-kind spaces that provide inspiration to the homeowners who created them. From a unique music studio to a tranquil orchid room, we hope you’ll feel…

February 2018 Lifestyle Letter

 And the Winners Are . . .  In the last months of 2017, the Bend Lifestyle team was working busily on our first 2017 Readers’ Choice Awards contest. We had an amazing response from our readers! Congrats to ALL the nominees! It’s been an exciting ride watching the votes come in. Every business on the ballot was nominated by local…

January 2018 Lifestyle Letter

 Get Fit!  Of all those New Year resolutions we’re about to adhere to, chances are good one of them is about getting in shape in the coming year. With that in mind, this issue focuses on fitness here in Bend.   For those workouts taking place inside rather than on the trails or mountain, you have a wide spectrum of workouts…

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

 Let the Holidays Begin!  The holidays are here! As we come gather together to relish in the holiday festivities and celebrate the year, hopefully we can find moments to reflect on the things we’re grateful for.   As we busily shop for the perfect gifts, one way to make gift-giving more meaningful is by giving back. In this issue we’ve showcased…

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Winter Already? As I write this in early Fall, I’m wearing a puffer jacket, admiring the the season’s first white blanket of snow on our mountains and thinking that last weekend, we were floating the river! So … I guess it’s already time to gear up for winter.

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

. . . Bend’s true shoulder season month. 

As we move towards winter, Central Oregonians know we could wake up to sun, rain, or snow! This issue celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Bendites as they grow their ideas into businesses and carve out their place in this town. Make sure to read our main feature on four sister teams, each…

September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Fall! As we lament over summer slipping away, the crisp fall air always energizes me with everything fall brings. September means the flurry of back to school—including the start of fall sports—with shorter days and a faster pace.

August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I love starting my day taking care of the animals in my life. As I walk out the back door each morning, our horse stands ready to greet me, with the sunrise as his background. I walk out to him, with our dog by my side. It’s a good way to start each day. These rare quiet moments allow me…

July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

No matter what your favorite summer pastime is, there are endless possibilities to enjoy the outside and explore our high desert playground. The hammocks come out, coolers are filled with beer, and camping chairs circle backyard fire pits. Bend roads become lined with cars carrying bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, and camping equipment—all under the watchful eye of a dog with…

June 2017 Lifestyle Letter

When my oldest son took up lacrosse in high school three years ago, our family knew nothing about the sport. I remember thinking, “of course boys like lacrosse—they get to wear cool helmets and beat each other with sticks.” Although I’m sure this is true, I was wrong to think that was all there was to it.

May 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The month of May means flowers are in bloom, spring sports are in full swing, and Mother’s Day celebrations are in the works. I miss many things about my mother, Margaret. Mostly, I miss the little things—her ageless energy, contagious laughter, and famous homemade cinnamon rolls. I smile when I think about seeing her and my father dancing to their…

April 2017 Lifestyle Letter

The season for gorgeous weddings and alluring travel is right around the corner! This issue spotlights some unconventional—and beautiful—ideas for weddings. Be sure to turn to the pages of “Southern Oregon Love” for spectacular photos of a wedding set in a natural forest setting. And, if you’ve ever thought about planning a wedding that gives back, we’ve got some creative…

March 2017 Lifestyle Letter

After this extraordinary winter, I find myself dreaming of spring, and even the arrival of warm summer days. While I do love the way our landscape remained a winter wonderland for so long, like most Bendites, I reached a point where I was so ready for it to be over.

February 2017 Lifestyle Letter

In a salute to the thriving craft brewing industry in this town, we’ve dedicated this issue to brews—complete with a comparison of different types of beer, a listing of local beer festivals, and a guide to choosing a local watering hole, depending on your mood. Celebrate February with your favorite beer in hand, a warm fire in the fireplace and…

January 2017 Lifestyle Letter

With the New Year upon us, chilly winter nights have arrived here in Bend. For me, that’s mostly about staying snug and warm in the evenings! But, the stories in this issue have challenged me to venture out into the cold and try new experiences after dark. Although I love the outdoors on a sunny winter day, I admit I’ve…

December 2016 Lifestyle Letter

Joy! With the holidays in full swing, I hope you have a chance—despite the craziness—to take in the joy this season brings. I know I sometimes lose that focus when things get so hectic this time of year. But, I always imagine a peaceful, joyous (and, hopefully a white) holiday that overshadows the stress.

What November Brings . . . 

Undoubtedly, those of you who live for winter sports here in Central Oregon are impatiently waiting for the snow to fall. This transition from warmer temperatures to our winter season leaves me with mixed feelings—I’m sad to see our long summer days fade, but am excited for the holiday season to be upon us.

The Pets We Love

Like most of you I’m sure, I can’t imagine life without the animals we love being in it. They are our best friends. They make us laugh. They offer us unconditional love. They add so much joy to our lives. 


As the first signs of Autumn begin to appear with crisper air and changing colors, we have one more holiday weekend to soak up our favorite summer activities—get out and enjoy it!

Homegrown in 
Central Oregon

In this issue, we invite you to get inspired by local entrepreneurs with do-it-yourself attitudes who are changing the way we look at art, food and skincare. We also take a look at Bend’s emerging art and DIY work spaces that are shaping the local art community.

Discover Your Sense of Adventure!

When planning this issue’s adventure theme, I couldn’t help but face the rude awakening that I hadn’t nurtured my sense of adventure for far too long. It made me reminisce about my years living in Colorado when I was in my 20’s, and the thrill of Class V whitewater raft trips every year with one of my best friends.

Color. Size. Style.

Homeowners know summer is the season for outside projects. Next time you’re working your way through a “honey do” list, don’t forget to carve out a backyard space for the children. Here are some home improvement options to give the kids a safe place to play.

Publisher’s Letter

Get Out of Town! Where will your travels take you this summer? Whether you plan to travel across the state or across the globe, this issue is packed with ideas! Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? In this issue we introduce you to Bend’s own Tofino Expeditions, which offers guided sea kayaking tours in exotic destinations all over the…

Publisher’s Letter

This month we take a closer look at our friends and neighbors who are working hard to make Central Oregon a better place to live. They are everyday people doing extraordinary things and performing not-so-random acts of kindness. Inside, you’ll find stories about farmers and ranchers getting back to their roots while pioneering nontraditional crops—grapes and hops. In Local’s Choice,…

Publisher’s Letter

Springtime in Central Oregon means the snow still covers the mountains while the sun shines in town. As the days get longer, the list of recreation opportunities grows and your list of excuses to stay inside shrinks. Try one of these outdoor activities to get your heart pumping and your body moving.

Welcome to the first issue of Bend Lifestyle!

What drives this magazine? We’re dedicated to bringing you inspiring stories of people, businesses and happenings in the heart of our Bend community every month . . . stories that reaffirm the reasons why we choose to live in this amazing place.