December 2017 Around Town

Southeast Bend’s Father's House Church is partnering with local and international organizations selling Christmas trees to meet needs across the street and around the world. BUY A TREE. CHANGE A LIFE works in partnership with People for Care & Learning to help children globally and locally. This year’s program begins on Friday, November 24 at 61690 SE Pettigrew in Bend.

Bend Roots Revival

Over a hundred local and regional bands performed over three days for the Bend community at the free 2017 Bend Roots Revival. 
Photography Gregg Morris

December 2017 Lifestyle Letter

 Let the Holidays Begin!  The holidays are here! As we come gather together to relish in the holiday festivities and celebrate the year, hopefully we can find moments to reflect on the things we’re grateful for.   As we busily shop for the perfect gifts, one way to make gift-giving more meaningful is by giving back. In this issue we’ve showcased…

for a Home Gym

Kevin Roll has sold and serviced exercise equipment in his BACK IN ACTION! Fitness Equipment shop since 2012. Last year—in an effort to accommodate demand and increase the product lines he carries—Roll moved his storefront to a new 4000 square foot facility. Here are some product suggestions Roll has to move your home gym into the 21st century.


The holidays are a time that will always elicit warm memories of home; fuzzy socks sliding on wood floors, the sound of classic Christmas movies coming from the living room, and mouthwatering scents of comfort food wafting throughout the house. In other words, magic.


Looking for Holiday gift ideas? Take a look at these exciting new products.

How to Make a Ribbon Wreath

This is a great way to repurpose ribbons from past Christmases, making an elegant decoration for your holiday celebration. Coordinate colors with your Christmas theme or with your home’s interior design to create a festive and stylish seasonal design. Have fun and be creative!

Mission: Spread Joy

If you shopped or dined in Bend last winter, chances are you saw and felt the effects of the Bend JOY Project. The bright orange banners, set against the record-shattering piles of snow, and the preponderance of kind actions were dead giveaways. 
Noelle Fredland, Marketing Director for the Old Mill District in Bend, was the bold visionary and Bill Smith,…

Gifts that Give Back

The holiday season seems to divide people into two distinct categories; those who love diving right in to the shopping fray and those who lock up their wallets for safety until after the New Year.

Elf’n PJ’s

It’s Christmas Eve. My six-year-old self is sprawled out on the living room floor, staring up at the kaleidoscope of colors that make up our Christmas tree. My German Shepherd wags her tail as I rest my head on her, closing my eyes as I giddily imagine what lies underneath the ribbons and wrapping paper…

November 2017 Around Town

The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research is pleased to announce the addition of Matthew R. Lilley, MD to their orthopedic sports medicine team. He specializes in the study, evaluation, and treatment of shoulder, hip, and knee injuries and conditions. Dr. Lilley completed his orthopedic sports medicine fellowship at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He…

Thrilla Cyclocross Series

Racers and spectators alike flocked to the Athletic Club of Bend for an ever-changing cyclocross course of steep climbs, steps, and obstacles September 14. Photography Gary Calicott

Bend Open Streets

Four Eastside Bend streets were closed to car traffic by the City of Bend and local nonprofit Commute Options September 17. Booths showcasing healthy eating, safety, and commuting alternatives highlighted the second annual event. Photography Gregg Morris

November 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Winter Already? As I write this in early Fall, I’m wearing a puffer jacket, admiring the the season’s first white blanket of snow on our mountains and thinking that last weekend, we were floating the river! So … I guess it’s already time to gear up for winter.

Soup is Good for the Soul

This is definitely the easiest and best way to make rich-tasting butternut squash soup, without having to peel and dice a large, awkwardly shaped vegetable. You start by cutting the squash in half lengthwise and roasting it in a hot oven. Scrape the roasted flesh from the skin, and simmer it with sautéed yellow onion, fresh sage, and a tart…


Pets have a longstanding history of providing faithful companionship and unconditional love for the humans in their lives. And, for hospice patients without four-legged family members, there is still an opportunity to experience meaningful interaction with therapy dogs through the Partners In Care HosPet program. Over a dozen volunteers serve in this program, each with one or more trained therapy…

A First (Light) Adventure

We all have childhood memories of waking up early for an adventure. A parent opens the door to a pitch black room. A sliver of light beams from the hallway, through the cracked door, and lands on the pillow. A groggy kid shakes off the request to wake up, sits up in bed, and tries to rub the night’s sleep…

Live Here, Give Here.

It is the giving season again; Thanks-giving, charitable giving, gift giving, giving hugs, giving someone a break. We are ready to do what we can do for others. Yet, who? How? Oftentimes, the larger, better-known charities get the bulk of our year-end financial support because they are better able to market themselves, and as a result we see and hear…

Stay On Track

Each year, innovative companies—from startups to established—come up with new products aimed at getting us outdoors and enjoying it more while we’re there. Sometimes it feels like they are simply eliminating our exercising excuses. Need help with your ski boots? Need a new pack? Want a new camp stove? Don’t like the weight of snowshoes? Try these new products and…

Scruffy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can be a high expectations holiday. Family time-allotment and travel planning begins in July. A veritable arm-wrestling contest of “who’s turn is it” ensues. Pinterest overflows with crafty ways to decorate all house corners with every scrap of anything available. Mix in the preconceived notions each individual has of the “perfect” Thanksgiving and it’s a recipe for a complete…

2017 Cork & Barrel

More than 800 Central Oregon wine and food-lovers came together July 18-21 to support KIDS Center while enjoying high-end food and wine from Walla Walla, Willamette Valley, and the Columbia Gorge. Photography Steve Giardini

October 2017 Lifestyle Letter

. . . Bend’s true shoulder season month. 

As we move towards winter, Central Oregonians know we could wake up to sun, rain, or snow! This issue celebrates the entrepreneurial spirit of Bendites as they grow their ideas into businesses and carve out their place in this town. Make sure to read our main feature on four sister teams, each…

October 2017 Around Town

Bend’s Atlas Cider Company dominated the 2017 Oregon Wine Awards, walking away with the three highest awards. The Atlas Apricot cider impressed the judges and earned the highest score of all ciders, a "Best of Class" Double Gold, while the Atlas Blackberry won a Double Gold, and the Atlas Apple won Gold.

Family Ties

Ranked number one on the 2016 Forbes List of Best Places for business and careers, it's no wonder that people flock to Bend to start new lives, careers and small businesses. Our little mountain town not only has high job growth and employment statistics, we're a haven for outdoor sports, recreation, and of course, beer!

A True Culinary Experience

After a long plane ride, getting lost in New York City, and a five-day bus trip across the upper United States, Romanian Sanda Costello and a hometown friend finally made it to Bend, Oregon in the summer of 2005. As college exchange students from a far away land, the high desert landscape was exciting and unexpected.

Preparing For the Journey

As seniors get ready to finish their final year of high school, they’re also preparing to make major life decisions on where to go to college and what to choose as a major. On top of being busy students, these massive future changes can become overwhelming. Luckily, Gary Whitley, Glenn Miller, and Pam Borgman—owners and operators of Cascade College Advisors…

Entrepreneurial Tips from James Gentes

Bend’s James Gentes has intimate knowledge of starting and growing a business. His resume includes a stint as chairman of the nonprofit Tech Alliance of Central Oregon, organizer of the co-working facility BendTech, and former mentor and alumni of the FoundersPad business accelerator program.

Coffee 4 Adults – A Future 4 Kids

If you’re going to spend any time with Sean McDonell, founder and CEO of Bend-based Coffee4Kids, take a deep breath, do some stretches, and be prepared to take off running. McDonell is as high-energy as a person can get. And, it’s not the caffeine; it’s the mission. Mix one part pure energy, one part pure heart, and one part extraordinary…

September 2017 Lifestyle Letter

Fall! As we lament over summer slipping away, the crisp fall air always energizes me with everything fall brings. September means the flurry of back to school—including the start of fall sports—with shorter days and a faster pace.

Wines by the Glass

There are tens of thousands of different wines produced across the world. Almost every country produces wine, and each state—including Alaska— in the United States has a winery. For the seasoned wine sipper, the task of trying as many wines as possible in a lifetime is exciting. However, for those without tasting opportunities, the mission to educate oneself about wine…

Wine + Food Pairings

Wine drinkers face a constant barrage of rules regarding their enjoyment of wine with food. “Thou shalt not eat fish with Cabernet Sauvignon,” is oftentimes considered a guiding principle when pairing wine with food. Drinking Riesling with a marbled steak is punishable by death-through-mockery in many circles.

September 2017 Our Contributors

Retired from public service, Steve Giardini now claims to be a professional landscape, travel, and lifestyle photographer extraordinaire. Armed with little more than a camera, wishful thinking and stack of business cards, Steve launched his second career in 2013. Truth be told the business was actually just an excuse to hike state and national parks, kayak mountain lakes and backcountry…

4 Peaks Music Festival

Thousands of music-lovers flocked to Southeast Bend’s Stevenson Ranch June 15-18 for the 10th Anniversary 4 Peaks Music Festival.
 Photography Gary Calicott

September 2017 Around Town

The Education Foundation for Bend–La Pine Schools awarded over $54,000 in classroom grants to District schools and $40,000 in needs-based activity fee scholarships for the 2017/2018 academic year. The innovative classroom grants included 19 STEM programs, several art and music projects, as well as other Life Skills and miscellaneous requests.

Oregon High Desert Classics

Top riders from the Western United States and Canada competed in the premier AA hunter/jumper competition July 18 - 30. Proceeds support five youth serving agencies parented by J Bar J Youth Services. Photography Barbara Dudley

Bicycle Touring

I am a cyclist. That very fact has been ingrained in my soul since I first put my six-year-old feet to the pedals of my Schwinn Scrambler and darted off to school. It became all but solidified when my parents first took me to the BMX track. When I was 14-years-old, a cycling group rode past the park just as…

Playground Adventure of an Affirming Nature

Blake Greco made the steep, dusty climb up the hill and across the wooden platform. Standing at the edge looking down at the crowd far below—fully harnessed, helmeted and safety-checked—he took a deep breath and made that brave first step. There’s truly no going back once you begin flying on a zip line. He soared above the junipers and over…

Organic All American Apple Pie

Place flour in a food processor with cutting metal blade, add butter and shortening, slowly pulse your processor to cut up butter and shortening. Add two tablespoon of water at a time and pulse a few more times. After four tablespoons of water, check to see if the flour holds together. The dough should look crumbly if it does not…

August 2017 Lifestyle Letter

I love starting my day taking care of the animals in my life. As I walk out the back door each morning, our horse stands ready to greet me, with the sunrise as his background. I walk out to him, with our dog by my side. It’s a good way to start each day. These rare quiet moments allow me…

Mardi Gras for Paws

The Humane Society of Central Oregon held their annual Tuxes and Tails fundraiser at the Riverhouse Convention Center June 10. 
Photography Steve Giardini

Bend Lifestyle Celebration at Hollinshead Barn

Bend Lifestyle kicked off summer with a party on June 1 at Hollinshead Barn. Special thanks to Bowtie Catering for the evening's delicious food and drinks, and to all Bend Lifestyle advertising partners and friends who came to help celebrate. Photography Brent Barnett & Steve Giardini

Hard Work Pays Off

At just nine years old, Art in the High Desert (AHD)—Bend’s riverside juried art show—has surpassed the likes of Portland’s Art in the Pearl (21 years old) and San Francisco’s Sausalito Art Festival (65 years old) as one of the highest quality shows in the nation. Ranked #10 by the Art Fair Sourcebook, AHD is known to present unique work…

August 2017 Around Town

The Bend-based Zagster bike share program has expanded to four locations thanks to local digital marketing company G5, sponsor of the most recent station. The new location stands at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Bond Street in Downtown Bend. The other locations are at Oregon State University - Cascades campus, the Old Mill District, and Crux Fermentation Project.

Winnie The Pig

Bali Schock clearly listens to animals. A lover of four-legged friends her entire life, the incoming Summit High sophomore has always been around horses and dogs. Recently, she added a porcine friend to her circle. Perhaps not the pig you initially envision, Winnie the Pig is a house pet enjoying the finer things in life. With a blue bow clipped…

Doc on Duty

It’s loud in the Skyview Middle School cafeteria during lunch break. Eighth-grader Taylynn Lindsey chats with her friends at a table set at the back edge of the room. They’re an active bunch, having been set free from class for this short span of time.

Hanging High

Driving along Highway 97 from Bend to Redmond, it’s almost impossible to miss the colorful shoe tree on the east side of the road. The barely-alive juniper stands tall with dozens of shoes of all shapes, sizes and colors adorning the branches for onlookers admiring in wonderment.

The Taste of Summer

Place the watermelon into a pitcher and either use your hands or a potato masher to crush up the watermelon until it is in a mostly liquid state. Add the tequila and the cointreau, let sit for a few minutes, then stir to combine. Next, add the limeaid and the club soda. finally, juice the two limes directly into the…

July 2017 Lifestyle Letter

No matter what your favorite summer pastime is, there are endless possibilities to enjoy the outside and explore our high desert playground. The hammocks come out, coolers are filled with beer, and camping chairs circle backyard fire pits. Bend roads become lined with cars carrying bikes, kayaks, paddle boards, and camping equipment—all under the watchful eye of a dog with…

U.S. Bank Pole Peddle Paddle

Thousands of racers skied, biked, ran, and paddled their way through the U.S. Bank Pole Peddle Paddle May 20. Proceeds benefited MBSEF. Photography Brent Barnett

U.S. Bank Mini Pole Pedal Paddle

Hundreds of youngsters took to the Les Schwab Amphitheater to compete as teams in the U.S. Bank Mini Pole Peddle Paddle May 21. 
Photography Brent Barnett