Who doesn’t dream of it? The workplace in a luxurious ambience, surrounded by exuberant guests and live with the excitement of games such as roulette or blackjack – for many people, the position of croupier is a dream job, as you can get closer to your favorite games here than anywhere else, and even after work or another round at the local slot machines .

But how exactly do you become a croupier or croupière? What do you have to consider when choosing a career path and does the job really suit you? We will go into these and other questions in more detail in the following article.

The duties of a casino croupier

A croupier is the game manager of a gaming table in the casino – regardless of whether it is roulette, blackjack or baccarat. A croupier must therefore know the rules of the game inside and out, keep an eye on the course of the game and always be polite and courteous to the guests. For example, roulette dealers know the sequence of numbers on the roulette wheel by heart and also know where the number fields are placed on the table. This is so important in order to be able to place guests’ bets quickly and efficiently without interrupting the game.

In addition, completely different things are learned, which at first glance you may not have even thought about: How are chips correctly stacked and pushed to players with the rateau without them falling over and how are slot machines operated correctly? These are all important parts of a croupier’s training and are also examined in the exam.

The requirements of a croupier in the casino

Knowledge of the games is a basic requirement for the profession of croupier, but this alone is by no means sufficient to be able to master everyday professional life successfully. A croupier needs a very good short-term memory to be able to keep track of all bets quickly and must be able to do mental arithmetic in order to pay out the right amount to winners – mistakes here can quickly cost thousands of euros.

What educational requirements are necessary to work as a croupier in the casino? As a rule, the school leaving certificate is less important – because this profession is more about a good customer attitude, service orientation and a love of the game. Nevertheless, you should at least master English as a second language in order to receive international guests.

Since large sums of money are played, most casinos require a proper police clearance certificate. Furthermore, applicants must be at least 18 years old. Some schools even require a minimum age of 21 years.

How can you learn to be a casino croupier?

There are 2 common ways to be trained as a casino croupier. First and foremost, casinos usually train their offspring themselves – so it is worth asking the various casinos for yourself. As a second way, there are also some schools that train you to be a croupier.

Depending on the path taken, there may be costs for the training that must be paid by the trainee himself. This is especially common at an external school, as you don’t work directly during ongoing operations. If you need support with the costs, you can apply for BAföG.

Even if the croupier is a demanding job that requires one hundred percent mastery of all games down to the smallest detail, the duration of the training is quite manageable: on average, it ranges from 1 to 8 months before you can start working as a full employee.

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