As we begin 2020, a new decade, we set goals for what we want our future selves to be like and look like. We take a glance back at where we have been and what we have done, and we try to remember to extend ourselves grace. January is a time to cleanse, to start fresh and not dwell on who we were 12 months ago. So much change can happen in a year, so as we plan our future and commit to resolutions, we also leave some room to change our minds—to grow and be human.

And to help encourage healthy growth, our wellness issue focuses on ways to become our best selves. Whether taking the first steps to begin a running program with some encouragement from Teague Hatfield in our Runner’s Gear story, reading about traveling inward, or to a warm destination, with Cynthia Laroche (see Destination: Yoga, page 14) or learning about hypnosis with Cynthia Crossman, this month we link you to others with a common goal of health.

Here at Bend Lifestyle, we are so proud of the growth in our community through the last year and cannot wait to see what is coming for 2020. As new businesses open, old businesses expand, charities fundraise and we all turn one year older, we will continue to be right there to share your stories and celebrate your milestones.

Happy New Year, Bend! Thank you for being a part of our story.

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Jane Rial, Publisher

COVER PHOTO: Hiking at Mt. Bachelor by Mike York,