Indoor Plants Create Healthy Bathroom Spaces

In 2020, the decorating trend of indoor plants continues and expands to include the bathroom. Given the dry climate of Central Oregon, a shower space shouldn’t be overlooked to create a healthy and serene oasis of green. Yet, the trend isn’t just aesthetic. Plants not only evoke a nature-inspired, mood-elevating feeling, but they also filter carbon dioxide and toxins during their photosynthesis process to oxygenate the air and create a healthier environment. Many houseplants thrive in low to moderate light with higher humidity, but not all plants are suited for the fluctuations in temperature between shower time and colder, non-use hours. Considering factors of low light, high humidity and temperature swings, some choices include: bromeliads, cyclamen, bamboo, pothos, snake plants, spider plants and orchids. And if a shower isn’t a suitable place for a plant, consider shelves or windowsills to create a healthy, serene space to start the day.