Be a Gracious Guest at Holiday Gatherings

for Host & Hostess

The holiday season brings a circuit of connection to co-workers, friends and family. With festive anticipation, we feel the exhilaration of a door opening to an afternoon, evening, or overnight stay with the purpose of being together. As you cross the threshold of any event, show gracious generosity this year with a gift sure to please a host in the spirit of gratitude. But ‘tis the season to remember the greatest gift of all is the time we take from our busy days to gather with those who inspire us as we enter a new year. Cheers!

1.) Why settle for wine, when you can present your host with locally-made Crater Lake Spirits Rock and Rye. Pour the award-winning beverage over ice, and enjoy the combination of Rye whiskey, dark cherry, blood orange and bitters, $17.95. Crater Lake Tasting Room, 1024 NW Bond St, Bend.

 2.) Torn between buying a candle or bouquet of flowers? Rosy Rings candles combine natural wax blends with seasonal botanicals for the best of both worlds, $62.50. Haven Home, 856 NW Bond St., Bend.

3.) A meditating dog comes with the blessing for a life filled with loyalty. Dog Sculpture, $14.95-$34.95. Gairdin, 50 SE Scott Street, Bend.

 4.) Arriving for a weekend?  Why not bring a hearth-warming holiday stocking and the hope that it be filled on Christmas Eve? Locally-made, artisan stocking sewn with Pendelton Chimayo blankets, individually priced. JV Vintage Creations at Lone Crow Bungalow, 937 NW Wall St., Bend.

5.) Add humor to your New Year’s Eve dinner of lobster and champagne with a set of 20 different vintage postcards, each with a modern twist, $22.95 per set. Gairdin, 50 SE Scott Street, Bend.

6.) Give new meaning to “On the Rocks” with agate coasters edged in gold, $15.95 each. Abode, 1326 NW Galveston St., Bend. @Abode_Bend