Fall Wardrobe Trends Revisit Previous Eras

In keeping with the trend of everything old being new again, plaids from the grunge-era 90s have returned with simultaneous interpretations of everything from preppy, to lumberjack or punk. While traditionally the term plaid, derived from the Gaelic word for blanket (“plaide”), was reserved for a specific type of garment worn in the hard winters of Scotland, today plaid refers to an array of patterns—from tartan to checks. This fall, plaids can be worn as an outer layer for warmth, to work in the form of a blazer or dress pants, or added as an accessory. The pattern works well as an accent for the home and is an iconic pattern for a fall picnic blanket. So go mad about plaid this fall for a quick wardrobe boost, whether channeling a classic, irreverent or Pacific Northwest vibe.