Move Fast for Successful Photographs of Kids and Pets

When it comes to capturing an image of our beloved kids and pets, it helps to have the energy to keep up with them. For photographer Barbara Dudley, the job is a natural fit for her dynamic personality. “A subject that moves fast is easy because I can run after it,” she says. The youngest of six girls, her father not only produced films, but brought the family all over the world to make movies. With exposure to creativity and different cultures, Barbara gravitated toward photography by assisting her dad, was on both sides of the camera as a model and photographer in New York,  and worked for a daily newspaper. Today, after raising her own four children, Barbara enjoys seeing the world through photographs with her business that includes not only making pictures, but creating keepsakes from photographs such as tapestry blankets, stone coasters, tiles and cards. Barbara says that to create successful images of busy subjects, staying alert and focused is key along with awareness that the most special images aren’t always staged right in front of you. She believes the best photo session is one where everyone is dressed comfortably,  themselves can be themselves—when photographing both children and animals, she says, “Let ‘em go. Let ‘em loose.” Barbara also says it’s important to keep your eyes open to the surroundings even while you move quickly, “The best shots may be right behind you.”



Shoot and move fast, keep up with your subjects

Don’t be afraid to jump up and down or make silly sounds

Find a moment of emotion
Have patience