Local Artist Makes an Equine Connection with a Paintbrush

For Jean Lubin, her paintings provide a window into a world of majestic horses and their surroundings. Having lived in a wide range of environments—from Samoa and Juneau, Alaska to Richmond, Virginia, the Bay Area and San Diego—Jean found that horses created a bridge between each place and time. She began riding in her teens as a way to stay connected with animals and the landscape after moving from Alaska to the urban surroundings outside Washington, D.C. The equine connection was powerful, and continued as horses became the favored subject for her art. “For me, a horse is the best subject because of their beauty, nobility and physicality,” she says. Because she has been an equestrian, she knows her subject well. “When you’ve had horses, you know what they look like and what they feel like, from their soft coat to the pink of their nose.” JeanLubin.com

“It’s not all about me, although I get the pleasure of painting. My goal is to give the viewer a moment of beauty.” —Jean Lubin