With our long-awaited summer in full swing, it seems there’s not enough time for all the high desert adventures we want to pack in. On a typical morning drive in Bend, you’ll notice the cars loaded with paddle boards, kayaks or bikes, or towing a boat as people set out for fun. Whether it’s floating the river or a mountain lake, balancing your SUP with your dog alongside, or heading out of town for a camping trip, our days offer endless possibilities to enjoy the outside.

As you’re making your way around town, take notice of the beautiful sculptures that adorn our roundabouts and public spaces. Learn the story of about the art and the artists in “The People’s Art” story in this issue.

One big part of our summer here in Central Oregon is the sweet sound of outdoor concerts. On the following pages, get a closer look at the local music scene . . . the talented bands, the venues, the sounds. Check out the beats of The Mostest, MOsley WOtta, the Maxwell Friedman Group and the CJ Neary Band around town for some impressive talent and refreshing music styles.

And when you’re hosting out of town friends and family, you’ll know just what to suggest when they ask about souvenirs from Bend–see our “Souvenirs from Home” story. (These finds are just as meaningful for us locals as reminders of why we live here.)

Here’s wishing you adventurous summer days that wind down with relaxing evenings around the firepit with family, good friends, music and your favorite craft beer.

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Jane Rial, Publisher



On the Cover: Crater Lake National Park 

Photography by Kris Wiktor