Local Leaders


2019 National High School Girls Track and Field Coach of the Year, with Jim McLatchie (USTFCCCA)

U.S. Women’s Distance Coach, Track and Field, Pan Am Games 2019, Lima, Peru

How do you define success?

“Success is a feeling of accomplishment after I complete a goal.  Success might be winning a race, the team racing well at a big event or a new runner achieving a personal record and watching them figuring out that their hard work has paid off.”

Where would we find you when you have free time in Bend/Central Oregon? 

“I like to visit the High Desert Museum, go for an easy ski at Meissner Snow Park or pick up litter on trails near my home. I can also be found exploring the Oregon High Desert like Kam Wah Chung (State Heritage Site) and the Painted Hills.”


What is your secret to good health/fitness?

“At my age, I am thankful I have health insurance and keep regular health appointments.  One never knows when you will be hit with a health challenge.  I was recently diagnosed with a low-grade breast cancer. I chose an extensive surgery and plan to get back to my usual coaching schedule as soon as I can.”

 What lessons have you learned so far in life?

“I have learned that I can learn so much from mentors and people with experience that I have met in my life.  My hometown doctor told me to “be myself” as I headed to college in the 60s.  Glenn Cunningham spoke to my graduating class of 19 and shared his challenges with life and running.  Information like that opened my mind to consider so many more possibilities in my life.  I ran competitively for 22 years and I learned that the more energy and focus I put into running the more I improved.  Improved performances earned me opportunities to travel and race in many places in the world.  I also get a lot of satisfaction out of volunteer activities with USATF (USA Track & Field).  Coaching at Summit High School with my husband provides daily delights and puzzles in working with those student athletes.  In the long run, I hope the athletes will learn some of the same lessons I have experienced through sport.”



Mayor of Bend

How do you define success?

“Did I follow my passion for making our community better, using my professional experience, listening to voices throughout Bend, and see a positive difference in my community? If I can look back at the end of my term as Bend’s Mayor and answer this question with a resounding YES, I would call it a success.”

Where would we find you when you have free time in Bend/Central Oregon?  

“So many choices! Winters you can find me nordic skiing or snowboarding on Bachelor, and in the warmer months taking in the beauty of our Deschutes River on a mountain bike or paddle board. That’s just the beginning . . .”

How can local citizens make a difference in their community?

“I encourage each and all Bendites to engage in giving back to community when and wherever they can. I believe we are stronger when we welcome a diversity of opinions. Bend’s city 

committees and neighborhood associations are most effective when they are inclusive of a variety of viewpoints. Bend is better for the invaluable time of our dedicated Bend citizens!”

What lesson have you learned so far in life?

“One thing leads to another. And life doesn’t always play out in a straight line. Always take care of family and keep building your friendships and partners along the way, with your eye on a positive future. This will keep you moving gracefully through the lumps and bumps along the way.  With a little work, unknown doors will continue to open to you.”


Director, Central Oregon Community College, Redmond Campus

 How do you define success? 

“Success is that sweet spot between goals.  You see a problem that you want to fix, or a person you want to be, or a life you want to live.  Success is feeling like you’ve finally arrived, just long enough to accept the truth that you still have more to do.”

Where would we find you when you have free time in Bend/Central Oregon?  “Near water, along the Deschutes downtown, or at Cline or Steelhead Falls. In the summer, I’ll be kayaking Hosmer or Clear Lake, or just enjoying the whole day at Suttle Lake. Our outdoor concert options are a real magnet for me too.”

 What are the benefits of being a life-long learner? 

“The ability to change your mind or even adjust your perspective when you learn something new is priceless, and that’s what life-long learning is.  The benefit is living—being willing to really live and engage and be fearless in the face of new truths.”

What lesson have you learned so far in life? 

“Love your imperfect life now.  The good, the bad, the ridiculous—this is the only life you get.  I spent years in the “when” zone.  When I finish grad school, when I get a raise, when the kids graduate from college, when I retire.  Then, a mammogram turned into a mastectomy and I had the opportunity to fathom a life where “when” never happens.  I was so surprised by the regret that came bubbling up and had the realization that you don’t regret things you don’t control—regret is about decisions.  And most of my regrets centered on relationships: taking them for granted, being selfish with my time, not being present for little events that were a big deal to someone.  It’s so much better to cherish the whole thing now.  My lesson is that there’s no perfect future, but when you look at it just the right way, now can be as close to perfect as it’s going to get.”


Library Communications & Development, Deschutes Public Library System

Director, A Novel Idea 

How do you define success? 

“Success is when I’m able to detach from my ego long enough to create something beautiful to shine brightly in other people’s lives.”

Where would we find you when you have free time in Bend/Central Oregon?  

“I can usually be found walking along the Deschutes River with my daughters, good friends and a handsome pug named Fritz. In the heat of summer, I enjoy a day on Suttle Lake and a trip to Sno Cap on the ride home.”

How do the library’s literary events make a difference for Central Oregonians?

“These events create a space for us to listen and to engage with some of the greatest thinkers of our time. Through these exchanges, we learn more about our shared experience and begin to understand one another with a deeper level of compassion and openness.”

What lesson have you learned so far in life? 

“The most difficult experiences in my life have fortified me with my greatest strength, joy and resilience. Through these times, I have found a renewed sense of wonder and the ability to become fearless to live my truth, surround myself with the sweetest of friends and family and maintain a healthy sense of humor through it all.”