Sustainable Style in Central Oregon

When considering eco-friendly flooring for home or office spaces, there are several smart and sustainable choices which never sacrifice durability, quality or style. Eco-friendly or “green” flooring encompasses a wide variety of materials and pertains to anything from natural fiber carpets, to tiles made from true recycled materials or reclaimed wood from sustainably harvested resources, such as orchards of low-producing fruit trees that are cut down and repurposed. “The tremendous benefit to installing eco-friendly products is their limited impact on the environment, from focusing on natural and renewable resources to relying on products with certifications such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) label for hardwood materials or the Green Label Plus for carpet,” says Ron Benton, owner of Floor Coverings International in Bend.

Reduced waste, and the recycling and reusing of materials rather than incurring first-time production costs are also factors when considering eco-friendly flooring. Selecting products made in the United States as opposed to overseas imports decreases carbon emissions from travel and keeps the money within our local and national economy.

These four types of eco-friendly flooring are the most popular in Central Oregon:

01 Wool: Soft, comfortable and compliments most styles of homes. Responsible practices of harvesting wool not only provide a durable and sustainable product, they help to protect sheep from the harmful of effects of not being sheared.

02 Cork: Excellent thermal and hypoallergenic qualities. Sourced from sustainable resources.   
03 Bamboo: Bamboo forests grow faster than hardwood. This durable material is very environmentally friendly and easy to install.  

04 COREtec®: This patented product uses both recycled wood and bamboo powder (a recycled by-product). Not only is it environmentally friendly, these products do not warp or twist when soaked with water as do hardwoods.