Meet Dr. Richard MacDonell

While the majority of Americans utilize mainstream healthcare, a different approach to health and wellness exists across the country and right here in Bend: concierge medicine. Concierge medicine is a personalized approach to medical care. But just how individualized is it?

According to Richard MacDonell, M.D., owner and physician at MyMD Personal Medicine, “Concierge medicine allows a doctor to have more time with a patient and offer them a higher level of service.” In comparison to a traditional doctor’s office, concierge doctors spend eight times more time with each patient than the national average, which is roughly eight minutes. Concierge medicine offers less of a wait when scheduling appointments, direct, 24/7 access to a doctor and hassle-free coordination with specialists, and the added benefit of house calls.

Bill and Mary Brown are longtime patients at MyMD Personal Medicine. When Mary traveled out of the country several years ago, she returned home and experienced months of endless discomfort. Her internist at the time, a traditional doctor, prompted her to keep an eye on it, but Mary wasn’t convinced that it would go away on its own. Bill’s brother in Florida had been seeing a concierge physician consistently for years, and urged the couple to try it. After  multiple conversations and tests, Dr. MacDonell was able to target just what was ailing Mrs. Brown. “[Dr. MacDonell] has done so many things to make our lives better,” says Bill. “It was so much nicer to be able to call your doctor with a question and just have a conversation whenever we needed to.”

Dr. MacDonell opened MyMD Personal Medicine in 2006 after becoming increasingly unhappy with the lack of time spent with patients in a traditional setting. “There just wasn’t enough time in the day to meet the needs of every patient,” says MacDonell, about his switch to concierge medicine. “I truly wanted to provide patients with the personalized attention that they really deserve.”  By adding a Registered Nurse to the staff during the fall of 2018, patients receive an even greater level of time and care.

Personal medicine is just one facet of Dr. MacDonell. He is a family man who loves to spend free time with his wife and three children—he moved to Bend in 2000 to find a balance between family, fun and work. He also stays fit the Central Oregon way: skiing, mountain biking and hiking. He has competed in several triathlons in Sunriver. Staying true to his Celtic roots, Dr. MacDonell plays guitar, mandolin and sings in a local Celtic band. “Doctors have a tremendous responsibility to get to know people,” says Dr. MacDonell. “My experience [with this] in medicine has helped me to excel on a personal level as well—it’s so important to be able to relate to people and have real-life, genuine experiences with them.”