The season of holiday gatherings and gift giving is here and for those who desire the latest and greatest devices for the home, car and office, owner and operator of Technology Design Associates Ron Wanless offers the perfect gifts for those gadget obsessed friends and family. The marketplace for new technology is vast and while inexpensive devices and programs are easy to come by, the frustration and challenges for most buyers is the notion that they can install them themselves and find out that it’s been done incorrectly. Wanless suggests hiring an expert for home automation products. “There’s a reason people come to companies like ours and that’s because they want things to work every time, and they want them to be secure and safe for their families,” he says.


1. Lighting and Music Control—Having an intimate dinner party or large holiday gathering? Need the perfect music and lighting? Check out products that with a single push of a button provide the perfect lighting and music in every room of the house with easy to use controls.

2. Voice Control—Techies want simplicity. Instead of a phone app or device, AI Voice Assistants like Alexa, Google and Siri continue to be in high demand and work well with other smart devices in the home. This technology does everything from playing music to turning on appliances, controlling temperature and making sure home security is in check.

3. Network Security—Due to recent data breaches in major corporations and social media platforms, plus the ever-increasing number of phishing emails that bombard networks every day, security software has become an increasingly popular gift. While difficult to wrap this one up with a bow, it’s a gift to keep personal information safe and secure.

4. Home Theaters—With home theater technology improving every year, this is a gift for the entire family. Bigger screens, smart automation and surround sound, mean home theater installations continue to be a favorite way to create a perfect place for gathering to watch favorite holiday movies.

5. Automated Man Cave—Besides the core necessities of the man cave, why not add some current automation gadgets to enhance the space? Whether watching a sports game, movie, or hanging out, the man cave is a place to relax. With trending devices to control audio for the TV and music, automation is a unique gift for the techie in your life.