While growing up, I remember the way that we dressed in school was all about conformity. All the pre-teen and teen insecurities made us feel more comfortable to make sure we wore the “cool” jeans, the “in” shoes and the latest styles to fit in. I was so relieved to enter adulthood and begin to enjoy the freedom of developing my own personal style without worrying about peer pressure. It was so much easier!

Style—whether the way you dress, decorate your home, or approach your favorite activity—is unique to each one of us. Bend is full of creative expression, and the styles we see around town reflect our active lives with no shortage of personal flair. This issue introduces you to several talented trendsetters making their mark in Bend.

The following pages will introduce you to the Gilreaths, a local family entrenched in creative expression—from fashion and fine art to interior décor. Through their two shops in Bend, they share their flair for creativity with the community.

I learned something about beards in our feature, The Style of Giving Back. What are beard clubs? Beard clubs give back to the community? To learn more, be sure to read this article.

The issue also shares the stories of Leela Morimoto’s origami art and jewelry, healthy smoothies, and local Instagram fashion trendsetters to follow. Enjoy!

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Jane Rial, Publisher



Abe Gilreath near Black Butte, Oregon