Fall Fashion with a Family that Lives in Style

As the season expresses itself in changing tones and colors, creativity expresses itself in how we dress, decorate our homes and in the case of the Gilreath family—in every facet of daily life.

Abe and Kirsten Gilreath, the founders/proprietors of local lifestyle shops Ju-bee-lee and Abode, realized their combined creativity through a spirit of entrepreneurship that began early. By their 20s, the duo had already launched the successful snowboard brand Mission Six by taking on every aspect of its creative direction: designing clothing, merchandising and the strategic plan.  Ju-bee-lee was born in 2013 from a desire to stay in Bend and raise their family. Kate, 21, is now a visual communications student at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.  Luke, 18, is entering the music program at University of Oregon this fall. “It’s a way of life to be creative,” Kirsten Gilreath says of their family. “The is no other way for us to be.”

“Being down-to-earth creative people gave us the ability to build our life and stay in the community,” she says. Kirsten selects gifts, furniture and clothing for her stores to create an element of “magic” and inspire the wonder of discovery that helps others express themselves in their own lives. Abe is a talented visual artist: his large-scale paintings fill the walls of their home and he builds furniture and fixtures as they appear in their mind’s eyes.

The Gilreath’s creativity extends to their personal style, and clothing is another place for their expression of individuality. Kirsten says she enjoys, “Tradition with a ‘twist’.” Her advice: Select your basic (like a classic pair of vintage or new-American Levi’s) then add an element of surprise. “It’s hard to go wrong when you get the basics right,” she says.

For Abe and Kirsten Gilreath, they say their greatest gift is to be creative. Their fall style expresses a life of style, artistic expression and the subtle beauty of the season.

Abe Gilreath Painter @abrahamgilreath

Ju-bee-lee and Abode: Ju-bee-lee.com 

On Abe:  Levi’s Vintage Clothing Menlo Cossack Jacket is a replica of a 1930s garment originally belonging to Albert Einstein.

On Kirsten: Blouse, Capulet, $124.95; Corduroy Flare-leg Pant, Rolla’s, $119.95.

On Kate: Blouse, Rolla’s, $89.95; Levi’s, $98.95.

(Black) On Kendra: Dress, Capulet, $144.95; Moon Necklace, Jennifer Jones, $94.95;  Sequin Choker, Navone, $62.95; Earrings, Navone, $68.95.

(Black) On Janessa: Dress, Capulet, $168.95.

(Gold) On Kendra: Blouse, dRL Los Angeles, $124.95; Levi’s, $98.95.

(Gold) On Janessa: Dress, ASTR, $108.95; Levi’s Boyfriend Trucker Jacket, $89.95; Necklace, Navone, $88.95.

(Gold) Accessories: Flower Child Clutch, Cleobella, $180.95; Brass Bangles, We Dream in Color, $44.95; Oval Ring, Mint Jewelry, $32.95; Necklace, Navone, $88.95.

(Gold/close up of pant & blouse): Brass Bangles, We Dream in Color, $44.95; Ring, Marissa Mason, $46.95.