These are the Dog Days of Summer

Early this morning I walked outside to care for our horses and once again felt a wave of gratitude to be able to start my day this way. And when I can close the day by spending relaxing time with them in the evenings, it’s been a good day.

Our Dalmatian, Trey (shown above), loves to walk alongside me as we approach the barn, then happily wanders through the field and comes running back, tongue hanging out, looking very satisfied at all the jack rabbits he stirred up. Our animals are a constant source of love and companionship and add so much joy to our family. I can’t imagine life without them.

We’ve dedicated this issue to stories about pets and kids. The following pages will introduce you to some local animal lovers and their pets, and take you inside a dog-friendly Craftsman home.

In “Giving Back,” find out ways to empower kids to make a difference and help feed those in need in our community. Learn about the important work of a local Bend-based wilderness therapy organization that helps teens on their journey to healing and connection while spending quiet time in the Central Oregon outdoors.

I hope you soak up some sun and fun over these dog days of summer, hopefully with your favorite pet by your side.

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Jane Rial, Publisher