Lifestyle Hack 2

Create Memories Around Your Summer Campfire

For a dose of nostalgia, the smells and sounds from a crackling campfire evoke summertime in an instant. A fire is often the communal focal point of a campsite, or backyard gathering, where each person has a role—from wood gatherer, fire starter, fire poker, to musician or s’mores chef. As a lifetime camper and a nearly decade-long leader with both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America, Norah Loch agrees time around the campfire is bonding. “It’s that time of the day when everyone is together and everything is good with the world.” 

To create some goodness around your campfire this summer, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite things:


1.) Pendelton Motor Robe Blanket, $99.50 and matches, $6.50. Lone Crow Bungalow, 937 NW Wall Street, Bend.

2.) Hand-tooled Ukelele, made with Honduran and Brazilian hardwoods, starting at $1,200. Nashwood Guitars, 1385 NE 2nd Street, Bend.

3.) Camp Chef Pie Iron, $19.99; Rolla Roasters Extending Marshmallow/Hotdog Roasting Sticks, $12.95. REI, 380 SW Powerhouse Drive, Bend.

4.) Vanilla Bean Marshmallows, $6.99.

5.) Artisan Chocolate Bars (70% Nigeria/70% Honduras/70% Dominican Republic), $8.50 each. Seahorse Chocolate, 35 NW Bond Street, Bend.

6.) What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky by Kelsey Oseid, $16.99.

7.) Red Plaid Enamel Mug, $18.95; Color-changing Fire Sticks, $18.95; Fish Flasks, $30.95 each. Ju-bee-lee, 903 NW Wall Street, Bend.

8.) United by Blue 100-Hour Citronella Soy Candle, $20. United by Blue removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every item sold. Forge Humanity, 126 NW Minnesota Avenue, Bend.