Men of Bend 9

Faces of Our Community


Jeshua Marshall, Larry & His Flask

What do you like about Bend?


Definitely nature was the first attraction, just to not be confined in a city. I always grew up in the country and I like the openness. I like the mountains and the clean air. And the people—it’s a really good community of outstanding people. Touring and playing music, I’m very privileged to see so many amazing places. But the more I saw, the more I realized that where I live is actually awesome. I always came back and continue to come back. I still find that it’s a really great place to live.


Tor Hanson, Deschutes Historical Society

By trade I’m a journalist. I’m a writer. I’m curious by nature and that kind of spilled over into becoming a journalist. I’m curious about what people are doing. What people are up to. What their thoughts are. Community is to learn to embrace your neighbors. Embrace the feelings and so forth. The community brings so much more into your own life because if you embrace the community, you get to learn the community, you get to know the people that live there. Again, it takes a village. It really takes a village to raise not only kids, but adults.

Garret Caster, Bend Fire Department

I work for a public service agency, but in that, I care immensely about the people in this community and I’ve sworn to protect them with the oath I took. I contribute by answering the call of people’s emergencies and trying to help people on a really bad day. In some way, I think that if I’m excellent at my job and I can help soften the blow of some kind of tragedy or someone’s really bad day where they’re in a vulnerable state, then I’m contributing to the life experience people get here in my community.

Eric Marley, Marley Soulworks

Well, I guess you’d call me a seeker and one who is interested in unearthing the beautiful aspects of humanity in myself and others. I find the best tools to do that through ancient indigenous spirituality and practices. And so I deepen those in myself and anyone who wants to walk those paths…Whatever gifts you have, we need. So, bring ’em. Bring your gifts. Go get ’em. Find ’em. Uncover ’em. Get away from distraction long enough to uncover your gifts and then bring those suckers into the world.

Oscar Gonzalez, Latino Community Association

I’m a first generation American and navigated those tough waters and came out of it ahead. I only wish upon all Latino, Spanish-speaking, all immigrant families to realize their American dream. I personally believe that is still out there. It’s hard to overcome those obstacles, but I don’t think it’s impossible. For the most part, our neighbors here in Bend are welcoming and are open to diversity and are tolerant and understand that with diversity comes newness and freshness. It makes all of us that much more interesting to each other.