Design for Inspired Living 2

Creating a Beautiful Home

Stephanie Ray Peters has interior design in her blood. Her grandfather started his construction company in 1960 and developed residential communities where her mother worked as decorator for his model homes. As she grew up, Stephanie inherited her family’s passion for design and it led her to start her own company, Staging Interiors Today (SIT).

As a female business owner, Stephanie has experienced hurdles and triumphs. She encourages women to celebrate their creativity and follow their dreams. “The most rewarding part for me is being able to create spaces that people fall in love with,” says Peters. “It makes me so happy when my clients are over-the-moon excited about their homes. I love being able to bring people’s visions to life.”

How does the process of designing a home start? The first step is to look at the details of the space. “I can always tell what style I’m going to lean toward by the way the home was built and what details pop,” Peters says. Then, she works to highlight the home’s most unique and desirable areas to bring out its natural beauty.

"I love being able to bring people’s visions to life.”—Stephanie Ray Peters

Stephanie’s tips for inspired design:

• Never be afraid of your own creativity. There’s no such thing as a wrong way to decorate.

• Experiment with a variety of styles. Mixing and matching old, antique décor with modern pieces adds character to any space.

• A pop of color is never a bad idea!