Douglas Robertson is a fine artist with 25 years of 
experience in painting, drawing and ceramics. He is also founder and director of the High Desert Mural Festival, a nonprofit with the goal of enhancing public art space and increasing cultural discourse. His current work pairs contemporary painting designs with street art techniques of spray paint and stencils. Douglas lives in Bend with his wife and 12-year-old daughter.     

Get daughter off to school.

Studio time: Create concepts for paintings based on dreams intersecting with personal life, culture, and reactions to current events. Draw base images for primary stencils and background stencils for layering. Format image sizes for canvas or exterior mural walls.

Studio time: Cut stencils with X-acto blade.

Breakfast and coffee.

High Desert Mural Festival: Write grants, contact artists, and seek out local mural locations. Collaborate with local nonprofits and businesses to create public art. Develop supplemental arts education programs for local students.

Studio time: Paint outside with spray paint (weather permitting), or draw and cut stencils evolving from drawings started as a teen.


Studio time.

Pick up daughter from school.

Exercise: Spin on a trainer and body-weight exercises to maintain heart health and strength. “At 48, my art and family are my priority,” says Robertson. More studio time.

Take daughter to Irish step dancing or viola class.

Prepare and eat dinner: Healthy, homemade food is another priority.

After-dinner family time.