Creative Home Spaces 17

Creative Home Spaces

If a kitchen is called the heart of a home, then creative spaces are the soul. For Mike Ryan M.D., his music studio, named the “Baja Room,” is an inspiration. “To be in your creative comfort zone, you need to be surrounded by the things that spark your process,” says Ryan—orthopedic surgeon, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer of Doc Ryan and the Wychus Creek Band. “The studio is a space for the band to gather where they find not only a place in the room, but a place in the sound,” he says.  Plus, it is an area where musicians can give impromptu performances on a home stage that is framed within a window to the mountains.

Get the Look

Inspired by music

1.) Afghani Baluch Wool Rug, $1,729. Area Rug Connection, 201 SE 2nd Street, Bend.

2.) Breedlove Concert Series Guitar.

3.) Good Company Modern Southwest Pillow, $70 and Large Sitting Planter, $38. Lark Mountain Modern, 831 NW Wall Street, Bend.

4.) Paul Leighton Print, $25. Lone Crow Bungalow, 937 NW Wall Street, Bend.

5.) Keith Rust Illustration Resolute Joshua Tree framed giclée print, $695. 937 NW Wall Street, Bend.

6.) Sala Bronze Iron Sconce, $99.95. Abode, 1326 NW Galveston Avenue, Bend.

A creative space can be a place to nurture health—and ideas. Deanne Kenneally’s Orchid Room is home to both ethereal tranquility and growth. Co-founder of the skincare line Sol Sisters Organics, Kenneally spent many hours in her greenhouse cultivating organic herbs, heirloom seeds and orchids and in the process discovered a passion for both what she feeds her family and what she puts on her skin. “On some days, work in my orchid room can simply be a satisfying release of energy,” she says, “and on others, (it’s) a great space for the creation of new ideas. It’s amazing where your mind can go when you free it from everyday concerns.”

Create the Feeling

A tranquil space for growth

1.) Indoor Metal Watering Can, $78. Root Adorned, 2748 Northwest Crossing Drive, Bend.

2.) Phalaenopsis Orchid, $97.50. Donner Flower Shop, 605 NW Newport Avenue, Bend.

3.) Peaceful Asian Art, $58. Pomegranate Home & Garden, 120 NE Bend River Mall Drive, Bend.

4.) Hanging Terrarium, $29.50. Donner Flower Shop, 605 NW Newport Avenue, Bend.

5.) Straight Trimming Shear, $19.50. BIGS Bend’s Indoor Gardening Station, 20794 NE High Desert Lane, Bend.

6.) Small Recycled Glass Bowl, $7.95. Pomegranate Home & Garden, 120 NE Bend River Mall Drive, Bend.