Motivational Fitness Advice


2. Motivational Fitness Advice

Keeping your eyes on the fitness prize can be challenging for even the most hard-core fitness fanatics. Sometimes all it takes is a friendly nudge from an expert. We asked three local trainers to share their most common fitness-based motivational words they say to their clients.

Mindy Lopez

Athletic Club of Bend

“It’s important to find your focus and be in the moment during your workouts. Make every rep and every movement count!”

Denise Naylor

Schliebe’s L.I.F.T.
Legendary Indoor Fitness Training

“Enjoy what you are doing and do your best! It takes time to reach your goals, so be patient with yourself. You WILL get there!”

Ally Galloway

BodyRock Training and Fitness

“Trust the process! It takes time to achieve your goals. Trust that you’ll have bad days and trust that you will get right back on track.”