August 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

For the Love of Animals

I love starting my day taking care of the animals in my life. As I walk out the back door each morning, our horse stands ready to greet me, with the sunrise as his background. I walk out to him, with our dog by my side. It’s a good way to start each day. These rare quiet moments allow me to reflect on how grateful I am for the animals in our family.

We’ve dedicated this issue to stories about pets. In one story, a particular dog—Doc, a labradoodle and a diabetic teen’s constant companion—stands out as being exceptional. Read this story to be inspired!

Almost every Bendite has a dog or cat, but not many have a pig as a house pet. Meet Winnie the pig on the following pages, and learn how she has become an invaluable part of her family.

I hope you enjoy this last part of summer with your favorite pet by your side. They truly make life better!

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