April 2017 Lifestyle Letter 1

Sports Make a Difference

When my oldest son took up lacrosse in high school three years ago, our family knew nothing about the sport. I remember thinking, “of course boys like lacrosse—they get to wear cool helmets and beat each other with sticks.” Although I’m sure this is true, I was wrong to think that was all there was to it.

Today, I’m so grateful the sport is a part of our lives. I see how it transformed my son’s life, and now my younger son, in middle school, as well. What an amazing community of talented athletes, inspiring coaches, and actively-involved parents it is. Our coaches have helped mold these young athletes to be confident, strong leaders, and much more prepared for life’s challenges because of the adversity they face on the field. These athletes play because they genuinely love the sport; scholarship opportunities are rarely available.

I encourage you to read the story about lacrosse in this issue of Bend Lifestyle. If you haven’t yet discovered the sport, I hope you can take in a game. Also in this issue, we’ve brought you the story of a local nonprofit, Good Thoughts Good Actions Foundation (GTGA), that supports students who participate in individual sport disciplines.

Bend hosts the Oregon Senior Games (OSG) this month, with sports events for those 50 and over. Learn more about OSG in this issue. To top it all off, our Open House feature showcases ideas for outdoor living spaces.

Here’s to a great summer!

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ON THE COVER Matt Shaw of Mountain View and Kaden Davis of Bend High