Southern Oregon Love 8

Oregon has a myriad of diverse locales—including big cities, lush forests and coastal beaches—for the perfect destination wedding. Each with its own unique environment, weather and landscape, these regions play host to thousands of weddings each year. One such area, Southern Oregon, provides an ideal backdrop for couples in love to tie the knot.

Ashleigh Cropper, owner of Red Aspen Photography, was born and raised in Ashland and loves to shoot weddings that take the natural elements of the region and make it the central theme of the event.

“Simple elegance can be easily accomplished when nature has so much to offer,” says Cropper, who grew up around tall evergreens, creeks, plentiful ferns and all the wild blackberries you can pick.

In the summer months, Southern Oregon’s mossy forests provide an earthy color palette that is easy to layer with soft or bright colors. Local greenery, flowers and berries provide natural décor and embellishments, drawing together a truly organic setting.

“The ‘forest-themed’ weddings have become a trend over the past two years, especially on the West Coast,” says Cropper. “The traditional type of wedding with ceremony and reception in the same place is starting to fade. A more intimate ceremony location with a small reception to follow is becoming very popular.”

In this wedding pictorial, Daniel and Marisa wanted the Southern Oregon valley to be a focal part of their story. While the impending newlyweds are always the focus of any wedding, the amazing and colorful backdrop of the Wagner Creek Interpretive Trail in Talent, Oregon is nothing short of a romantic fairytale setting.

Simple elegance can be easily accomplished when nature has so much to offer – Ashleigh Cropper

As they walk hand in hand through the forest, winding around giant trees and lush hills, it’s evident that they have a deep love for nature, as well as each other.

An intimate wedding table with a combination of elegance and nature is set nearby. It was a must that local wild blackberries were to be used for the table garland, bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonniere, all arranged by Jacklily Seasonal Floral Design. The wedding cake made for two is also embellished with local blackberries. Hand-dyed pillows and napkins—made by Vartan and Noun Textiles—used in the ceremony were also made from elements found in the hills of the region.

Cropper hopes that when other couples see her wedding photography in this particular area, “…it (will) inspire couples to choose simplicity, let nature shine and to delight in their love.”