Wood Renewal Business Focuses on Home and Environmental Health 2

The home is where the heart is. Anyone who has suffered through the multitude of decisions in a home remodel knows this to be true. The mere act of remodeling—or refurbishing—one’s kitchen cabinets and floors quickly becomes a labor of love.

N-Hance, a residential and commercial wood floor and cabinet renewal franchise with a branch in Central Oregon, aims to alleviate some decision-making woes when it comes to remodeling. With a focus on decreasing health hazards and environmental concerns, N-Hance of Central Oregon owner Al Crosland emphasizes “no stress, no mess” with N-Hance’s residential and commercial wood renewal products and services.

An Owner Who Cares

Crosland puts thousands of miles on his mountain bike every year. Yet, he faced the possibility of life in a wheelchair just a few years ago. A diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis—an autoimmune disease—rendered many of his joints inflamed and heavily damaged. Walking had become difficult and peddling on a bike nearly impossible. After a year of trying different pharmaceutical drugs to combat the disease—many causing side effects and costing thousands of dollars—Crosland turned to nutrition to try and improve his standard of living. Crosland eats a primarily vegan-based diet after tireless research led him to limiting foods that are associated with inflaming the body. Today, Crosland is off all medications and he considers his health to be “better than ever.”

Crosland’s personal connection to reducing potential toxins in his home and body reflects in N-Hance’s day-to-day operations. His successes with clean living—both in his business practices at N-Hance and with his personal health—indicate he’s doing positive things for both his body and for homes throughout Central Oregon.

The Process

As a renewal company, N-Hance focuses on re-working existing cabinets and floors—as well as any wood product in the home. For home owners seeking to spruce up their house with as little environmental footprint as possible—and the least amount of toxic output—N-Hance has people breathing a sigh of relief, instead of the dust from sanding or harmful chemicals from traditional resurfacing methods. Meanwhile, refurbishing existing floors, instead of installing new wood, is a conservation aspect that has Crosland excited.

The N-Hance renewal process cleans the surface of any home wood product with minimal to no sanding—translating into a reduced risk of tiny particles of sand becoming lodged in one’s lungs. The low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC), water-based, polyurethane finish that is cured with an ultraviolet (U.V.) technology called “Lightspeed Plus™,” reduces bacteria such as E. Coli and Staph by up to 99%.

“N-Hance renewed wood products maintain the anti-microbial finish for the duration of their lifetime,” explains Crosland.