Get Organized! 6

Arrange Your Home to Suit Your Lifestyle

Modern-day living has become increasingly more demanding as people get married later, work longer hours, and relocate more frequently. As a result, an organized, relaxing, and inspirational home has become even more important.

The beauty to organization is there’s no wrong way to do it; it’s all centered on you and your unique lifestyle. Still, many people feel unorganized, needing clear guidelines and a course of action for arranging their homes.

In an effort to provide that much-needed little push, here are some helpful hints on how to organize a home according to your lifestyle.

The Newlyweds

Congratulations on tying the knot with your significant other and moving into your first home together. But, accompanying your marital bliss is a need to adjust to each other’s lifestyle and make a few compromises accordingly. The biggest bargain lies in the closet, with two different wardrobes merging together.

The best way to go about organizing a newlywed closet is to separate the closet into dedicated His and Her sections. Try dark finishes—such as black or espresso—for men; while lighter colors and whites look the best for women.

Also, consider each person’s belongings in the closet. For those weekend outdoor excursions, both the husband and wife will want to have enough hanging space for thick, long jackets and coats for when it gets a bit chilly. In addition, consider integrating a dedicated space for storing shoes such as flat and slanted shoe shelves where trainers and hiking boots can be located and accessed easily.

For those newlyweds who are frequently out and about, a custom-designed mudroom is an invaluable asset, serving as the launch pad and unloading zone for the home. Mudrooms are able to store equipment conveniently—such as gloves, hydration packs, and skis—so couples can grab what they need and set off for adventure without wasting valuable time getting ready.

The Young Families

Families with young children lead a more hectic lifestyle. First off, your children’s schoolwork should be priority number one; so, creating an organized work area is the perfect solution. Make sure your child’s desk has many built-in drawers with large shelves nearby. A filing system within the drawers helps keep backpacks clutter free. A Murphy bed, which folds up when not in use, is a fun and practical solution to creating a playroom without compromising bed space.

You’ll also want to whip your pantry into shape, since it will be the go-to spot for a busy and hungry family. Categorize your foods into related items so it’s easy to see if anything needs to be restocked at a glance. Shelf dividers are also great for separating foods like canned foods from rice and pasta.

The Workaholics

If you’re one to bring your work home, you’ll want to organize with maximum productivity in mind, specifically in your home office. Keep in mind dark areas limit motivation, so make sure your work area is well lit. Depending on your work style, you should either organize to create enough floor space—for the occasional blood-flowing, back and forth pacing—or to have ease of access to necessary tools. A well-organized home office meets your specific work needs, and separates your work from your home life. For those hands-on handymen out there, adding a garage workstation with adequate cabinet space and slat wall for tools is sure to improve overall workflow.

The Multi-Generational Families

As you can guess, multi-generational families occupy more space so it’s important to maximize as much of it as possible, using properly-labeled containers as well as drawer and cabinet spaces. Hanging rods, counter space, and an area for baskets help transform a room where laundry is done into a highly-functional laundry room, ready to tackle a pile of dirty clothes after a camping or fly fishing trip. Just like the children’s rooms, a wall bed can be the ultimate space saver in a cramped home, creating additional space in a matter of seconds.

The Retirees

With the retired life comes much needed rest and relaxation time and, in many cases, smaller spaces. Retirees who live the empty nester lifestyle have the choice of staying put or downsizing their living space.

For the former, a pared-down, retiree lifestyle may not need much organizing, but a gorgeous dressing room may help indulge one’s desires and make them look their best.

For those who choose to downsize, proper organization is of the most importance. In an effort to maximize the amount of usable real estate, retirees should look into wall units with multiple shelves, drawers, and cabinets to maximize the available vertical storage space. Wall units are also great for displaying years-worth of memories and mementos.