Holiday Giving With a Twist! 1

Spread Some Holiday Cheer

The holidays bring an opportunity to deliver unexpected acts of kindness to family, friends, business associates or even total strangers. They are a time for gatherings—complete with eating, drinking, and of course, gifts! In turn, the celebratory season teaches us that gift giving is more fun than receiving.

With that spirit in mind, local companies Twist Cocktail Catering Co. and Flip Flop Sounds have made a yearly tradition out of highlighting acts of kindness with their Cocktail Angels.

Our mission is to simply spread joy. – Stephanie Anderson Stroup

Around mid-December, look for these angels unexpectedly outside your doorstep, completely setup with their festive trailer filled with music, lights, snacks, cocktails and a whole lot of holiday cheer! The Cocktail Angels—made up of team members from Twist & Flip Flop—land in a parking lot and quickly setup a mini cocktail and dance party. Then, with wings, halos, tutus and smiles, they fly into homes and offices to lull people out of their humdrum day to enjoy an unexpected surprise.

“Our mission is to simply spread joy,” says Twist Owner Stephanie Anderson Stroup, “It feels good to bring a surprising, unique gift to people in the middle of their day. And, while we’re at it, we encourage others to pay the kindness forward.”

Anderson Stroup further explains that after people receive the unexpected gift of the Cocktail Angels, they’re inspired to do something for others.

“After a visit from the Cocktail Angels, we’ve seen our guests shovel their neighbor’s walk or buy a coffee for the stranger in line behind them. It’s all about passing it on,” says Anderson Stroup.

Oftentimes, recipients of the Cocktail Angels ask to “Cocktail it Forward,” or send the Cocktail Angels off to surprise their own friends or colleagues.

“To continue in the spirit of giving, we simply ask that those who want to ‘Cocktail It Forward,’ make a donation to their favorite nonprofit,” explains Flip Flop Sounds owner Courtney Latham, “It’s an easy win-win situation.”

“My absolute favorite thing is to demonstrate appreciation,” says Kim Curley Reynolds, one of the original Cocktail Angels and part-time Twist staff member, “I love putting a smile on people’s faces.”

Cocktail Angels started one snowy December day in 2011 when Curley and Stroup had an epiphany during lunch. They immediately abandoned their meals, filled their van with holiday lights and ice cold beer, and set our on their first mission.

Flip Flop Sounds provides DJ and lighting services and Twist provides beverage catering services for public and private events in Central Oregon. Both companies feel very strongly about customer appreciation, charitable giving and giving back to the community.

“We are grateful to Twist Cocktail Co. for raising support and awareness for the mission of The Bloom Project through the Holiday Cocktail Angel program,” says Heidi Berkman, founder of local nonprofit The Bloom Project. “Our friends and colleagues enjoyed the surprise of being recipients during a ‘meeting of the minds’ as well!”