Discover Your Sense of Adventure!

When planning this issue’s adventure theme, I couldn’t help but face the rude awakening that I hadn’t nurtured my sense of adventure for far too long. It made me reminisce about my years living in Colorado when I was in my 20’s, and the thrill of Class V whitewater raft trips every year with one of my best friends.

Years ago, there was much more freedom to spend winters on downhill skis and summers on waverunners. I remember venturing out on all-day bike rides or hikes in the mountains alone, in the days before we all carried cell phones with us.

Those experiences were very tame compared to what many Bend locals would call adventure . . . but fond memories just the same. Parenthood makes us more cautious. Our lives get busy. It’s easy to lose our sense of adventure.

Now it’s my kids who talk about their plans to skydive. When you’re a teen you’re invincible.

In this issue we introduce you to six locals who haven’t lost their passion for adventure. I hope their stories inspire you to rekindle yours.

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ON THE COVER  Hammocking at Tumalo State Park