Letting the Sun In / Keeping the Sun Out 7

Central Oregon’s sun can be both a blessing and a curse. Our yearly 300 days of sunshine bring warmth to a winter’s day, but in summer can render areas of your home—both inside and outside—useless. In an effort to combat unwanted heat and glare from the sun, the right home shading product allows homeowners to recapture their favorite south-facing room or outside patio.

“Central Oregon has some unique environmental factors,” explains Jeff 
Swanson of Bend-based Classic Window Coverings and Shade on Demand. “Throughout the year, we deal with extreme temperatures, high winds, warming trends and the need for ultra-violet (UV) protection.”

Creating shade in exposed areas can have many benefits. Effective shading can be an excellent heat gain management tool and help to control light or glare while adding privacy and beauty to a home. In addition, outdoor shading products create usable outdoor living spaces, reducing temperatures by as much as 20 degrees while protecting furniture from harmful UV rays.

“There are many potential solutions and each home presents its own set of challenges,” says Swanson, whose showroom displays full-size examples of interior window treatments and exterior shading products such as awnings, tensioned screen shades, pergolas and louvered roofs, all of which are chosen specifically for Central Oregon’s climate.

When choosing window coverings and exterior shading products, always visit a well-respected dealer with a knowledgeable staff and a window covering designer who works well with local builders.

“Window coverings add aesthetic beauty and privacy to your home,” says Classic Window Coverings Design Consultant Carrie Steele. “They are a cozy necessity to any home, as well as a long-term investment.”